The Why of the Readings

Astrology to Minimize struggles, leverage your cosmic “team”. 

 A call to level the playing field. 

I was born in a country that thrives on Astrology.  India is the mother of the Esoteric Science of Vedic Astrology.  Where Gods, Devas, Celestial Beings are more real than people.  Astrology in India is a lifestyle.

My deep dive into Astrology came when I got tired of getting consultations and could not find a single astrologer that offered me any simple solutions.   I knew I had problems.  I didn’t know how to fix them.  I wanted something different.

I had a dream.  I saw a flower of life grid, with the letter K and the number 9 all designed together like a logo.  Someone was talking and teaching me Astrology.  All the information was downloaded into my mind and then the dream ended.  I had no recollection of what was said.  I woke up and knew things.  I didn’t know what but suddenly I was coming across dynamic information from all sides. 

Astrology was always a love of mine but when it became my life's work it turned into an accelerated bullet train.  

When I read the Chart opens up and shows itself to me.  It shows up so to speak and reveals itself.  

I never know what the Chart will show me.  It has a life of its own.  I just love the process and I am always humbled by it.  

Its and honor and privilege.  My teacher says God operates above the Chart and I have seen this many times.